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Barclays: Don't Bank on Apartheid - Day of Action!


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Take action at a high street Barclays branch near you: demand the bank stop investing in companies supplying Israel with weapons and military technology used to assault Palestinians.

Militarised violence against the Palestinian people is a central feature of Israel’s regime of settler-colonialism, occupation and apartheid.

In 2023, Israel has continued its attacks on Palestinians. On 26 January, Israeli armed forces invaded Jenin, and killed 10 Palestinians in a single raid. In January, at least 35 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces, including children, while hundreds more have been injured.

This violence is made possible because of Israel’s trade in arms with countries around the world, including the UK, and the complicity of companies and banks that continue to aid Israel’s violence – including Barclays.

Our research has uncovered that Barclays invests over £1billion+ in arms companies supplying Israel, including Elbit Systems. It specialises in the production of military technology, surveillance systems, and military drones – used to brutalise Palestinians in Israel’s regular attacks, including its repeated bombardments of the Gaza Strip.

In late March the world marks the UN Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination and remembers those killed resisting white minority rule in South Africa. During that time, Barclays was a key target of anti-apartheid campaigners worldwide because of its financial links with the apartheid regime.

Palestinians have called on us to revive this history, and stand in solidarity with their anti-apartheid struggle, by pressuring Barclays bank to divest from companies like Elbit Systems.

With Barclays continuing to be complicit in the crime against humanity of apartheid, through its financial ties with companies arming Israel, we must take action in solidarity with Palestinians resisting Israel’s violence to demand Barclays #StopBankingOnApartheid.

List of actions:

Abergavenny: Barclays, Frogmore Street, 10.30am

Birmingham: Barclays, 79-84 High Street, 1pm-3pm

Bolton: Barclays, Victoria Square, 11am

Brighton: Barclays, North Street, 12pm-2pm

Brixton: Barclays, 463/465 Brixton Rd, 12pm-2pm

Bristol: Barclays, Broadmead Shopping Centre, 12pm-2pm

Canterbury: 9 St George Street, 11am-2pm

Cardiff: Barclays, Working Street, 11am

Coventry: Barclays, 25 High Street, 12pm-1pm

Durham: Market Square, 11am-2pm

Exeter: Bedford Square, 12.15pm-2.15pm

Harrow: Barclays, 355 Station Road, 11am-1pm

Hastings: Barclays, Queens Road, 12pm-2pm

Hereford: Barclays, Broad St, 11am-12.30pm

Hitchin: Barclays, High Street Hitchin, 10.30am-12pm

Hull: Barclays, Victoria Square, 11am-1pm

Kingsbury: Barclays, 505-507 Kingsbury Road, 11am-1pm

Kingston: Barclays, 6 Clarence Street, 12pm

Leamington Spa: Barclays, 48/50 The Parade, 12pm-1pm

Leeds: Barclays, Albion Street, LS1, 10.30am-2pm

Luton: Barclays, 28 George Street, 1pm-2pm

Manchester: Piccadilly Gardens, Meet at 11am

Newham: Barclays, 304 Green Street, E7, 12pm-2pm

Newport: Barclays, Commercial Street, 11am-1pm

Nottingham: Barclays, High Street, 12pm

Northampton: Barclays, Abington Street, 11am-1pm.

Oxford: Barclays, Cornmarket, 11am

Sheffield: Barclays, 10-12 Pinstone Street, 12pm

Shrewsbury: Barclays, 44-46 Castle Street, 11am-1pm

Southampton: Barclays, 67B Above Bar St, 11am-12.45pm

Southend: Barclays, 127 High Street, 1.30pm-3.30pm

Tunbridge Wells: Barclays, 8 Calverley Road, 10.15-11.30am

Willesden Green: Barclays, 5 High Road, 11am-1pm

Wolverhampton: Queen Sq, 11am-1pm

Worthing: Barclays Bank, 1 Chapel Road, 12pm-1.15pm