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7:00 pm - 9:15 pm


Vauxhall Centre
Johnson Place, Vauxhall Street, Norwich

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SPEAKER: KIRI TUNKS Action 4 Palestine children

  • Kiri Tunks’ organization campaigns for Palestinian children. Every year around 700, aged between 12 and 17, are abducted and jailed by the Israeli military according to UNICEF.
  • Arrests take place during violent night raids when the child is forcibly removed from the family home, shackled, hooded and taken to a detention centre. Usually they are strip-searched and appear in military court in leg shackles
  • Bail is virtually never granted, children may be held on remand for months, and in solitary confinement for weeks.

The public meeting will be followed by a short PSC annual general meeting to elect officers and committee.

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phone Nick 07717 504210 Frank 01493   664499

www.norwichstopwar.org.uk Email:[email protected]

Organised by Norwich   Stop the War Coalition &

Norwich   Palestine   Solidarity Campaign