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From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will Be Free: Student Day of Action


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From the River to the Sea: Student Day of Action Friday 17 Feb 2023


In the last year the Israeli military has killed more Palestinians in the West Bank than in any year since 2014, with more than 170 killings to date, including more than 30 children. As Israel approached its elections, and in the face of sustained Palestinian resistance to injustice, this violence intensified further. The election, when it came, brought into government a far-right racist and homophobic bloc. This intensification of violence is a function of the enforcement of a racist system of power that is now accepted across International civil society as meeting the definition of apartheid. Palestinians resisting apartheid need our solidarity more than ever.

Yet here in Britain, the government has threatened to bring in a law aiming to prevent public bodies like universities from divesting from companies involved in the abuse of Palestinian rights, and, last year, the then-Education Secretary threatened that universities should report students who call for Palestinian liberation “from the river to the sea” to the police (aside from being incredibly draconian, this would be near impossible to implement). The government also pressured the NUS to launch an investigation into antisemitism, using the discredited IHRA definition which conflates antisemitism with legitimate advocacy for Palestinian rights.

This February, students across Britain are taking action to show that our voices will not be silenced: we will stand in solidarity with Palestinians and continue to campaign for our universities to divest fully from companies that are complicit in Israel’s system of apartheid.

How can you get involved?

  1. Join the day of action! Download our Action Guide and plan an event, protest, workshop or planning meeting on how to kick apartheid off campus
  2. Download and print out our posters, stick them up around your campus or take a photo of you or your Palestine Society holding them (or ask us to send you some)
  3. Share this day far and wide on social media – here’s our twitter, and instagram, and make sure to use the hashtags #FromTheRiverToTheSea and #ApartheidOffCampus

Key Resources:

Palestine Society Action Guide