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6:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Al-Ghazali Centre
35 Earle Road, Liverpool, L7 6HD, North West

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Musheir El-Farra’s new book Gaza: when the sky rained white fire, is based on interviews with survivors of the murderous Israeli invasion 4 years ago. Musheir returned to Gaza this winter after Israel attacked in November, and will report on current events as well.

near Al Fakhoura UN school in Jabalia.

“Suddenly there was a massive noise and the atmosphere was filled with dust. My neices Alla’a and Fatima were preparing the dough inside the front room. Suddenly one shell hit the orange grove next to the house. The children started screaming; we tried our best to calm them down. Another shell fell near the orchard. Moments later a further shell landed in the middle of us. Thick black smoke covered the scene; the smell was disgusting, it was like a nightmare. I carried my niece Noor away and passed her to first aid helpers. Her wounds
in Al Zaytoun: joints. Her wounds were too severe and she died. My injuries prevented me from helping anyone else.”