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Public meeting, all welcome


Liverpool links with Gaza






Abdul Hammad

Consultant Surgeon at Royal Liverpool Hospital,performed 1st kidney transplant in Gaza Jan 2013


Norma Turner

retired nurse, Manchestcr Palestine Solidarity Campaign, in Gaza with women ealthworkers 2013 and 2010.


Chairs: Colin McKean retired GP, chair Liverpool Friends of Palestine, and

Kitty Worthing medical student (3rd yr) cochair Liverpool University Friends of Palestine


Abdul Hammad, a Palestinian consultant surgeon at the Royal Liverpool hospital, led the team performing  Gaza’s first ever kidney transplant in Jan 2013. With 250 patients on dialysis, Gaza needs 70 transplants a year. Hammad has done 5 transplants, and hopes to bring a surgeon, nurses and specialists to train at the Royal, to set up a transplant programme at Al Shifa

Hospital in Gaza City. Gaza is under siege by land, sea & air, an illegal collective punishment

of 1.75 million people crammed into 365 km2. “There is a power cut 8 hours a day. During one

of the transplants there was probably 10 secs without power. Imagine this as a daily life for

every patient.”


Israel’s military blockade and the renewed closure of the Egyptian border leaves Gaza with

poverty, food insecurity and disease, restricted supplies of medicines, fuel, power, building

materials… Gaza relies  on international aid. But  healthworkers are organising networks of

community support.