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10:00 am - 3:00 pm


The Anatomy Museum, King’s College
The Strand WC2R 2LS , London, London

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The installation “Jaffa’s Crumbs” deals with the left over spaces and memories of the city that used to be the cultural and commercial centre of Palestine. The city has been scarred as a result of the 1948 war, Israel’s ban on the return of almost 100,000 of the city’s population, and the confiscation of these people’s property.

The city was downgraded from a capital of a district of surrounding villages to a poor neighbourhood of Tel Aviv. Whilst Jaffa is still an important centre for Palestinian culture, gentrification and racist politics are threatening now to squeeze out much of the remaining Arab population. The room installation includes two short video works, ‘Jaffa’s Story (and Chubeza)’ a musing about the untold story of Jaffa; the film ‘Rosetta’, a walking performance by Maram Atouleh, a young Palestinian teenager, with a soundtrack that includes Mahmoud Darwish’s reading of his poem The Murdered House.

The film, commissioned by the Zochrot organisation, is screened as part of the “See of Sand” installation that is created especially for The Gallery space. The exhibition will also include several sculptural works.


For more details, see: http://www.a4community.com/2014/04/22/jaffas-crumbs/

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