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Nakba 76: Hands off Rafah – Workplace Day of Action


All Day

On Nakba Day, Wednesday 15 May 2024, take collective action in your workplace to stand in solidarity with Palestinians resisting the ongoing Nakba.

Today, Palestinians in Gaza, the majority of whom are refugees from Israel’s previous rounds of ethnic cleansing, face another Nakba. They are experiencing genocide and the real threat of expulsion. Across the occupied West Bank, Palestinians are facing down a wave of military invasions, assassinations and settler attacks to drive them from their lands and homes.

For 76 years, Israel’s settler-colonial project has fragmented the Palestinian people by geography and legal status, denied Palestinian refugees their right to return to their lands, and has entrenched a regime of control that systematically discriminates against Palestinians in all aspects of life. Israel’s current genocide is built on the foundations of this project.

Palestinian workers have called on workers in Britain to take meaningful action in solidarity with their struggle against Israel’s system of oppression, including on 15 May.

As Israel continues to threaten a full-scale military offensive against 1.5 million Palestinian people trapped in Rafah, take action in your workplace on 15 May to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for freedom, to call for an end to British complicity in Israel’s atrocities, and to mobilise for the national demonstration on Saturday 18 May.

Discuss with your colleagues what kind of action is best suited to your workplace and its circumstances. Take action in your workplace:

  • Organise a short stoppage or lunch-time walk-out in solidarity with Palestinians. Gather outside your workplace for a photo or organise a delegation to visit a nearby student encampment if there is one in your town or city.
  • Circulate a petition calling on your employer to speak up in solidarity with Palestine, or for the divestment of pension fund holdings from companies complicit in Israel’s attacks.
  • Organise a lunch-time teach-in or film screening to educate colleagues about the Palestinian struggle for freedom.
  • If you’re working from home or alone, take a picture with a Palestinian flag and send it in to PSC.
  • Distribute leaflets for the national demonstration on 18 May in London.