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PSC Trade Union Solidarity Webinars - Trade Unions Against the Arms Trade with Israel   


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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Trade Union Solidarity Webinars

The current onslaught on the Palestinian people by the state of Israel is unprecedented. Every aspect of Palestinian life is under threat. This series of webinars will hear from Palestinian workers, trade unionists and specialists in key areas, to hear about the current situation and the impact of Israel’s genocidal assault against the Palestinian people. Sign up now to find out more how workers in key sectors, such as health and education, are affected by the current crisis, and how you and your trade unions can take action in solidarity with the Palestinians. Register Below.

Session 1: Trade Unions Against the Arms Trade with Israel

The first session in this new series of webinars will be looking at the horrendous genocidal violence the Palestinian people are facing, at the hands of the Israeli military, and backed by our government. 

The focus of the online event is to highlight Palestinian voices, to hear directly of the impact of the attacks on the ground and how these connect to our solidarity work in the UK.  

Palestinian civil society, including dozens of trade unions, has called on the solidarity movement to work for a full military embargo through campaigns to stop arming Israel. Join us to hear why and how you and your trade union can take action. This will include an update on the latest phase in our campaign to Boycott Barclays bank, which invests over £1billion in companies supplying weapons and military technology to Israel used in its attacks on Palestinians. 

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