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Stop the DSEI Arms Fair - Vigil


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Location: Cundy Park, Prince Regents Lane, London, E13 8RY. Nearest station: Prince Regent DLR. Find on maps.

In September, one of the world’s largest arms fairs, DSEI, returns to London.

DSEI will host delegations from a range of human rights abusing states. They’ll be at the fair to buy weapons from the arms companies exhibiting at the event.

Officials from apartheid Israel are scheduled to attend, alongside several Israeli arms companies, which develop and test weapons through Israel’s apartheid regime against Palestinians. In this way, DSEI will facilitate the sale of weapons and military technology to Israel to be used against Palestinians.

DSEI isn’t just contributing to Israel’s violence against Palestinians. Arms companies exhibiting at the fair facilitate assaults against indigenous and racialised communities across the world, producing weapons used to attack Saharawi land defenders, strengthen the violent European border regime, and arm militarised police forces in the United States and UK.

Communities across the world continue to stand firm and resist racism, colonialism, apartheid and dispossession. Join us to show solidarity with them as the DSEI arms fair sets up as we’re led by artists and activists in opposing DSEI though speeches, readings and spoken word.

Let’s unite our voices and say stop the DSEI arms fair!