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16/05/2014 - 30/05/2014    
All Day

The World is With Us

‘The World is With Us’: Global Film and Poster art from the Palestinian Revolution, 1968-1980 is a series of cinema and gallery events taking place in London from May 16 to June 14, 2014. These are the first public outcomes of an on-going film research and preservation programme managed by the Palestine Film Foundation.


Events in brief

Click on ticketing links to book or on event titles for details.

FRIDAY MAY 16, 20:30, BARBICAN CINEMA 1                    BOOK
Cinema programme opening night: shorts + screen talk 

SATURDAY MAY 17, 16:00, BARBICAN CINEMA 3                  BOOK
Hundred Faces for a Single Day + short

SATURDAY MAY 17, 18:00, BARBICAN CINEMA 3                  BOOK
Internationalist triple-bill 

SATURDAY MAY 17, 20:30, BARBICAN CINEMA 3                  BOOK
Tall el-Za'atar + screen talk

SUNDAY MAY 18, 15:45, BARBICAN CINEMA 3                    BOOK
The Fifth War + screen talk

SUNDAY MAY 18, 17:45, BARBICAN CINEMA 3                    BOOK
Al-Fatah + The Long March of Return + screen talk

SUNDAY MAY 18, 20:35, BARBICAN CINEMA 1                    BOOK
Palestinian militant cinema: Selected works, 1968-1977

MONDAY MAY 19, 18:30-22:00, RICH MIX                       FREE (map)
Exhibition launch and reception

SATURDAY MAY 24, 13:00-20:00, RICH MIX                     BOOK
Symposium: New artistic encounters with the militant record

MONDAY MAY 26, 18:15-22:15, RICH MIX                       BOOK
'Aesthetic revolt': Panels on poster art and rare film.

FRIDAY MAY 30, 19:30-00:30, RICH MIX                       BOOK
Mugstar vs. Red Army / PFLP Declaration of World War