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Special event for Gaza on Tuesday 15th January – details below
Commemoration event
Tuesday 15th January
at Parliament, London
event in Parliament
Gaza four years on from Cast Lead: Still under siege; still under attack
Pre-booking is essential and places are limited. To book please email.
Invited speakers include:
The Palestinian Ambassador to the UK Prof Manuel Hassassian, Andy Slaughter MP, Sarah Teather MP, Rania Al-Najjar – a student from Gaza currently studying in the UK. Chair: Jeremy Corbyn MP
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A great end to 2012
onwards for peace and justice in 2013
2012 ended with some great news – Veolia’s announcement that it was pulling out of a massive £4.7 billion contract in North London! The PSC would like to congratulate all those campaigners who mobilised locally to support Palestinian rights and oppose the contract being awarded to Veolia.
Veolia circle
This welcome news followed a string of campaign victories against Veolia – click here for more details on contracts Veolia have lost in Britain.
Palestinian child prisoners
On 20 December, PSC patron Alexei Sayle, dressed as Santa, delivered over 900 Xmas cards to the Foreign Office calling for action to be taken to respect the rights of Palestinian child prisoners.
And on 27 December, PSC ended the year with a protest outside the Israeli Embassy, to mark 4 years since the beginning of Operation Cast Lead, Israel’s onslaught on Gaza which killed over 1400 Palestinians and destroyed homes, schools, hospitals and infrastructure. This year’s protest was particularly poignant given that it took place only weeks after Israel’s latest attack on Gaza.


Action & Mobilisation
2012 was a year of action and mobilisation. Demonstrations and protests, supporting Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike and opposing ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem. Lobbying Parliament and mobilising support across civil society for Palestinian rights.
And building the cultural boycott campaign, with protests up and down the country protesting at Batsheva’s dancing with Israeli apartheid, and at Habima’s performances at the Globe. If you haven’t already seen it,click here to view PSC’s video from the meeting on the Case for Cultural and Academic Boycott – with an introduction by Ken Loach. Habima
Thank you
Thanks to our members and branches, we have seen a massive growth in solidarity with Palestine. But in 2013, we need to do even more. Please help build the movement – join PSC! And if you are already a member, please ask a friend to join PSC. Together, we can build the mass movement that is so desperately needed. Free Palestine!