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Please email/write/phone your MP now and ask them to write to David Cameron urgently on your behalf to raise the following points: 

· Six months since the start of the last Gaza atrocities, which
resulted in massive destruction and hardship for Palestinians, the UK
government is failing to take any steps to bring the blockade of Gaza
to a complete and immediate end. Palestinians are dying as a result.

· The UK should uphold UN Security Council Resolution 1860 on Gaza
access which obliges Israel to open Gaza’s port, to facilitate free
movement of goods and people between Gaza and the West Bank, and
obliges the Israeli government to provide arrangements and guarantees
to bring this about.

· Over 700,000 truckloads of construction materials are needed to
rebuild the homes and schools the Israelis smashed, but only a few
hundred truckloads have been allowed over the past six months.
Clearly, the current blockade is not about ‘security’ since Israel
demolished the Karni crossing which used sophisticated x-ray technology
with a capacity to allow nearly a thousand truckloads of goods every
day to transit Gaza. The UK must therefore insist that the blockade is lifted immediately.

· MPs and the UK government received more correspondence on the
situation in Gaza than any other international issue, and some MPs have
been very vocal. Yet ministers have been silent on Gaza for months and
I cannot find any information about UK efforts to end the blockade.

Please urge the PM to take the following urgent steps:

– act to end Israel’s blockade of Gaza

– support genuine Israeli-Palestinian reconciliation, and
ensure that foreign aid reaches all Palestinian civilians in need
without discrimination

– end the arms trade with Israel. Israel is clearly an
apartheid regime, no better than South Africa in the 1980s. If
anything, with its illegal territorial ambitions, it’s worse. The UK
should not be dealing arms with such regimes

– seek compensation from Israel for the massive damage they have caused to UK and EU funded aid projects in Gaza have caused to UK and EU funded aid projects in Gaza.