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PSC is the leading campaign organisation working for Palestine in Britain. We work to influence Government policy, and to ensure that the Government acts to uphold existing British policies – against settlements, the Wall and the blockade of Gaza. 


  • raises issues of concern with Ministers and civil servants
  • lobbies MPs and Peers to raise Palestine in Parliament
  • holding meetings in Parliament
  • working with European institutions to ensure that Palestine is on the agenda at the EU


We encourage PSC members and supporters to contact their MPs to ask them to take action for Palestine.

Click here for a list of our latest campaigns actions.

National Lobby of Parliament for Palestine 

Every year PSC coordinates the biggest Lobby of Parliament for Palestine. A wide range of organisations support the lobby including trade unions, faith groups, Palestine groups and human rights groups. If your organisation would like to support the Lobby of Parliament for Palestine please contact us>>

Lobbies of the European Parliament and institutions 

Palestine Solidarity Campaign works with our local branches to influence EU policies. We want to see the EU end preferential agreements for Israel’s trade until Israel abides by international law.

Early Day Motions

Early Day motions are away for MPs to signal their support for policy. This is particularly useful where it is an area of Government policy which MPs either disagree with, or that is neglected by the Government of the day. So EDMs on Palestine are very popular!

Here is a list of some of the most recent EDMs on Palestine. You may wish to ask your MP to sign them if they haven’t already.

That this House notes the report published by War on Want in July 2015 entitled Arming Apartheid: UK Complicity in Israel’s Crimes Against the Palestinian People, which details the UK’s arms trade with Israel; further notes that, despite promises given, UK-made weapons and military technologies continue to be sold to and subsequently used by occupying Israeli forces in Palestine, while the UK also imports Israeli military hardware and components and provides training in the UK for Israeli military personnel; and calls on the Government to apply its own export guidelines which would de facto result in a UK embargo on arms exports to Israel, which would lead to an end to any further breaches of international laws on arms control.