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Accurate and balanced news coverage is vital to any campaign for justice, and the struggle for Palestinian rights is no different.
In the UK, BBC News reaches 81% of the total news audience. This is a massive figure but, unfortunately, the news this audience is receiving on the Israeli occupation is far from balanced and not always accurate.
People watching, listening to or reading the BBC’s news reports will be far more likely to hear about rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel, than about Israel’s constant incursions into and attacks on Gaza.
Similarly, the violence of Israeli settlers against Palestinians in the West Bank is routinely ignored by our licence-fee funded national broadcaster. Conversely, in February, BBC Online ran a soft article about the experiences of new settlersin and around Jerusalem.
Jenny Tonge
Baroness Jenny Tonge is a Palestine Solidarity Campaign Patron
“Challenging the bias and inaccuracy of the BBC is an integral part of PSC’s work. Baroness Jenny Tonge
Challenging the bias and inaccuracy of the BBC is an integral part of PSC’s work. The team works to monitor systematically the BBC’s output and to hold it to account where it is wrong. In recent months, the PSC team has challenged biased and inaccurate output about the occupation on Radio 4’sprogrammes Today and World at One and BBC2’s Newsnight. This has been successful, resulting in the BBC being forced to publish apologies and corrections on its website.
PSC’s Chair, Hugh Lanning, has met with senior BBC executives, including the previous Head of News and Current Affairs, to put the case for better and fairer coverage directly to top management.
It’s important work, and it’s been done with limited resources. Now PSC needs your help to move its media work forward, increase the pressure on the BBC and influence the organisation’s news output away from a pro-Israeli narrative. Your donations to PSC’s media work will ensure that the case for Palestine is heard within the UK’s largest news broadcaster.
“PSC puts the case to the BBC for better and fairer coverage . Baroness Jenny Tonge
I’m often infuriated by the BBC’s coverage of the occupation, and I know how important PSC’s media work is. I would urge you to donate generously to this appeal.
Best wishes
Baroness Jenny Tonge
PSC Patron
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