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  1. Urgent Question to the Home Secretary, asked by Mark Lazarowicz: Will she make a statement on why the Government have decided not to support search and rescue operations for refugees and migrants in the Mediterranean?

–  Dianne Abbott: [extract] Some of us are reminded of nothing more than the Exodus, the boat that, at the end of the second world war, tried to take Jewish refugees to Palestine and was turned away by the British Government on precisely the kind of realpolitik grounds the Minister has advanced this morning. Just as people look back in shame at what we did in relation to the Exodus and the fleeing Jewish refugees, we will look back in shame on the decision he is trying to defend today.


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  1. Scrutiny of Arms Exports and Arms Controls 2014 – First Joint Report from Committees on Arms Export Controls – processed separately]


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  1. Question tabled by Baroness Deech: Progress in preventing the development of nuclear weapons by Iran.


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  1. Situation in the Middle East and North Africa – debate tabled by Lord Risby: [processed in full separately]

Lord Risby, Lord Anderson, Baroness Falkner, Lord Hylton, Lord Stone, Baroness Nicholson, Baroness Warsi, Lord Sacks, Lord Lamont, Lord Mitchell, Baroness Morris, Lord Palmer, Baroness Deech, Lord Cope, Lord Desai,

Baroness Tonge, Lord Leigh, Lord Kirkwood, Lord Wright, Barones Berridge, Lord Turnberg, Lord Sheikh, Lord Avebury, Baroness Hodgson, Lord Soley, Lord Weidenfeld, Lord Selsdon, Lord Dykes, Lord Balfe, Lord Judd, Lord Bach, Baroness Anelay, Lord Risby

Hansard video: http://www.parliamentlive.tv/Main/Player.aspx?meetingId=16124&player=smooth @ 12:10:42

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  1. Andrew Smith: Pursuant to the Answer of 15 October, did the Foreign Secretary and his EU counterparts give specific consideration to settlement construction in Givat Hamatos, E1 and Har Homa, and to the relocation of 12,500 Bedouin from E1, and to the implications of those developments for future relations between the EU and Israel?



  1. Katy Clark: Pursuant to the Business Secretary’s Answer of 11 September on Israel, what was the licence type, summary, value, end use and nature of end-user for each of the export licences approved between 8 July and 31 August 2014?


Nos 5-6 Commons Written Answers