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UKIP’s Janice Atkinson didn’t respond directly to the questions but sent this:

When I stood for Parliament as a Tory candidate in 2010 I met the people who led the Palestinian humanitarian boats during that time.  If elected, I offered to go on the next one which, as you know, was bombed. I didn’t get elected but I have maintained an interest.

If elected as a Ukip MEP you probably know that we do not recognise the sovereignty of the EU over UK law and therefore we vote against everything that the EU proposes, preferring instead to propose our own legislation within the confines of UK law. This is due to the fact that everything they propose has some harm as a one-size-fits-all solution across 28 states does not work and indeed waters down usually very effective national bi-lateral agreements already in place.


I will be taking an active interest in Palestine/Israeli issues.