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Jill Evans
[email protected]
Political Party
Plaid Cymru
Your ranking on your Party’s list
1. Will you support measures to exclude Israeli illegal settlements from the EU relations with Israel?
2.And will you support a campaign to exclude goods entering the EU from Israel’s settlements beyond the Green Line?
3. Will you ensure that the EU fully applies the conditionality clause guaranteeing respect for human rights in all its future and current agreements between the EU and Israel?
4. Will you oppose Israel’s violations of international human rights and humanitarian law, and will you support Palestinians’ right to self-determination?
Any other comments?
I am a longstanding campaigner on the rights of Palestinians to self-determination. In the European Parliament, I have been a member of the Delegation for Relations with the Palestine Legislative Council. I have visited Gaza and the West Bank several times as part of European Parliament delegation visits and other groups. I have tried to raise awareness of the situation through the press and media, public meetings and by making a film. I have been in touch many times with the EU Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy, Catherine Ashton, in relation to EU action on trade and human rights issues. I am President of the European Free Alliance (EFA) group in the European Parliament, made up of parties working for self-determination, and which has been active in this campaign too.