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Join the protest against Israel’s hatred and violence
Protest: Saturday 5th July, 2-4pmoutside the Israeli Embassy, High St Kensington
Nearest tube: High St Kensington
For transport information visit TfL>
Mohammed's funeral
Mohammed’s funeral being tear-gassed
Palestinians living under Israeli occupation are currently facing a horrific escalation of racism and violence as the Israeli State pursues a strategy of collective punishment.
On 1 July, 17 year old Mohammed Abu Khdair – was abducted and murdered in what has been described in the press as a ‘revenge’ attack following the abduction and murder of three Israeli teenagers. Mohammed’s body was found in Jerusalem after a day and evening of Israeli protests that turned into mobs streaming through the streets of the Old City and east Jerusalem chanting ‘Death to Arabs’. Palestinians were pulled from their cars and beaten.
These mobs had been incited by Israeli leaders. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu called for ‘vengeance’ against ‘human animals’.
Defence Minister Moshe Ya’alon talked about ‘settling the score’. Palestinians protesting against Mohammed’s death have been met by rubber bullets and tear gas from Israeli police, with a Palestinian TV crew and protesters injured.
1518 Palestinian children have been killed since 2000 – that’s one every THREE days.
The hatred and violence continues – today Israeli Forces are tear-gassing and firing at Mohammed’s funeral.
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teargassed funeral
A photo of Mohammed’s funeral being tear-gassed.
PSC’s campaigning work is having a real impact. Just this week, we saw SodaStream’s bubble burst under the pressure of local protests and national actions: John Lewis are removing SodaStream from their shelves, and the flagship store, EcoStream, has closed down in Brighton. 17 European countries, including Britain, have so far issued warnings against doing business with Israeli settlements. We are getting the message out to millions of people through PSC’s facebook and twitter.
But there is so much more we desperately need to do. And we really need your help. Please donate towards our campaigning work. Every pound you donate will be used to strengthen PSC’s campaigns for Palestinian rights, justice and freedom.
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Join protests around Britain
People are showing their solidarity for Palestine all around the country and the world.
Please visit our website and find out about other events happening around Britain.
Protest pic
Photo credit: Jan Slangen
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