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In just under two weeks, an amazing 6,500 people have signed the Hewlett Packard Pledge, committing themselves to boycott all HP products until the corporation ends its complicity in the oppression and occupation of the Palestinian people.

You can sign the pledge right now by clicking on this link and filling out your name

HP makes products including printers, laptops and ink cartridges. By signing the pledge you can join the thousands of others who are declaring they won’t buy HP goods while it helps to maintain Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land and its siege on Gaza.

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Hugh Lanning, Chair of PSC, explains why HP is one of our BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) targets:

“HP is contracted by the Israeli government to provide the IT infrastructure to the Israeli navy, whose gunboats pounded the Gaza coast during the summer’s massacre.

Those same gunboats, together with Israeli warships, are also vital in enforcing Israel’s illegal siege on Gaza, which has brought poverty and misery to its Palestinian population of 1.8 million.

They also fire constantly at Palestinian fishermen who try to scratch a meagre living from the shallow waters they are limited to by the siege.

The Israeli army, which so brutally and lethally suppresses the Palestinian people, also benefits from HP technology, having been supplied with HP computers.

And HP’s complicity with Israel’s brutalisation of Palestinians doesn’t end there. The company’s technology is instrumental in controlling and restricting the free movement of Palestinians living in the West Bank.”

You can read Hugh’s full article here

And don’t forget to sign the pledge today!