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Join PSC for a rally opposite Downing Street on Friday 8th July at 5pm to demand an end to the siege on Gaza, and an end to the arms trade with Israel. It’s now been two years since Israel’s last major assault on the coastal strip.

For the last ten years, the densely populated occupied Gaza Strip has been besieged by Israel, by land, sea and air. 1.8 million Palestinians, the vast majority of whom are refugees, are effectively trapped.

After three major military assaults by Israeli forces in the last eight years, resulting in the deaths of thousands of Palestinians, and very little reconstruction, Gaza is now virtually unliveable.

This can’t go on. The people of Gaza can’t wait any longer. 

If you’re able to volunteer on the day, please send us your details to [email protected]

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End the siege on Gaza | End the arms trade with Israel | Free Palestine

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