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PSC is an anti-racist organisation: standing up against oppression and discrimination is at the heart of everything that we do. That’s why we are giving evidence to the Labour Party’s Chakrabarti inquiry into antisemitism and racism. It is vital that antisemitism, Islamophobia and all forms of racism are not tolerated in our political parties, or elsewhere in society. We urge all political parties to take these issues seriously.

It is also vital that political parties avoid confusing support for Palestinian rights with antisemitism. This is both untrue and dangerous – we must be able to support equal rights for Palestinians without being branded racist. To confuse the two acts as a mechanism to silence protest, this not only impinges on our civil liberties, free speech and academic freedom, but it also undermines Palestinian calls for self determination and equality. Further, it risks fuelling antisemitism by suggesting Jewish people all share the same views – this is a complete misrepresentation particularly as so many advocates for Palestinian rights are themselves Jewish.

You can give evidence to the inquiry yourself up until Friday 10th June. Please consider doing so – especially if you are a member of the Labour Party or a member of a trade union or other organisation affiliated to Labour.

If you are member of the Labour Party or a Labour affiliated trade union, you may also be interested in these motions on the issue that will be considered by Labour’s ruling body. It is possible for branches and affiliated organisations to submit motions up until 24 June.


PSC will ask the Chakrabarti inquiry:

  • Not to confuse antisemitism with criticism of Israel
  • To ensure that we will have the freedom to speak out against oppression and discrimination without being branded racists because others oppose our views
  • To ensure that charges of antisemitism are judged by objective criteria whilst taking into account the perceptions of the victim
  • To oppose the attempt to block Palestinians’ call for boycott, divestment and sanctions, a peaceful and effective movement