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Great news!

This week the Labour Party announced they are no longer going to be using G4S for their conference security. This decision by the Labour Party, which now represents 330,000 members and many more supporters, sends a clear message: our political parties can stand up and act ethically and responsibly, and this can be at the centre of how politics works.

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This is a step in the direction of truly respecting human rights in all that we do politically. We want to thank the Labour Party for taking this step and understanding the importance of challenging businesses when their practices are far from ethical. We know that some will disagree with the Labour Party’s decision, but that’s why it is even more important to make clear that this is about prioritising human rights over profit.

Campaigners have worked tirelessly to expose the role of G4S in the Israeli occupation of Palestine. This includes G4S’ complicity in the detention of children and the torture of Palestinian prisoners. The Labour Party has always stood for social justice, fairness and decency. It is incredibly encouraging to see the Party take action in line with the principles at the very heart of the labour movement.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this. In particular we’d like to say a massive thank you to Labour’s executive members, MPs, and Labour Friends of Palestine & the Middle East who all helped make this happen.

This decision will act as another warning to companies that doing business with Israel while it continues its military occupation will deservedly earn them a toxic reputation. The campaign against G4S continues – but this is an excellent stepping stone and a great moment for the BDS movement. We won’t stop until G4S ends its complicity and pulls out of all contracts with Israel.

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