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The Labour Party is totally committed to a comprehensive peace in the Middle East. We want to see a stable Israel and an independent and secure state of Palestine that co-exist peacefully together.

In 2014, the Labour Party supported an historic motion in the House of Commons to recognise Palestine as an independent and sovereign state. A Labour government if elected on June 9th will immediately recognise the state of Palestine. This is a necessary step, not only for the rights and the dignity of the Palestinian people, but it is also imperative if a peaceful settlement is to be reached in the region.

We are absolutely clear that both settlement expansion in the West Bank and the blockade of Gaza are both wrong and illegal, and should therefore be ended immediately. Both are a total hindrance to a return to any meaningful negotiations that could result in the necessary solution to the conflict. It is abundantly clear that there is no viable military solution to the conflict and all interested parties must recognise this. Only a diplomatic solution, agreed by all sides, will be able to produce the long-lasting peace that is so desperately needed in the region. Under a Labour government, the United Kingdom will play an active part in working towards such a solution and working towards a lasting peace that is so desperately needed.

It cannot be emphasised enough that for progress to occur, international law must be upheld at all times by all sides of the conflict – issues such as administrative or child detention, military or terrorist violence towards any innocent civilians, and violations of the freedom of speech, belief and assembly must all be addressed. If necessary, international pressure should be exerted on either side to ensure that human rights are respected, so that a more peaceful and secure future can be guaranteed for both Israelis and Palestinians.

As well as just diplomatic influence, a Labour government would use the UK’s economic influence to help resolve conflicts and achieve a safer future for people across the world. If elected, we would put human rights and social justice at the centre of our government’s trading policy to ensure that no trade agreement made under Labour could undermine either human rights or labour standards. We will put human rights for every individual across the globe at the heart of our foreign policy. We believe that this is not only a moral necessity, but also essential to maintain security globally and protect our own national security.

We must also place our focus on defeating the evils of defeat Antisemitism, Islamophobia and other forms of racism wherever we may find them, both at home and internationally. Such bigotry plays a significant role in Israel-Palestine and many other global conflicts. However, if we are to achieve peace, we must break down barriers between communities and allow people to flourish in their lives without hindrance or prejudice.

If we are to achieve lasting resolutions to global conflicts and divisions, we must encourage everybody to realise our collective humanity above all else.