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Once again our movement is under attack – the government has introduced legislation to prevent councils divesting from companies that profit from the Israeli occupation and human rights abuses. The aim is to stop councils from being able to make ethical decisions about investments linked to Israel’s illegal settlements and also to arms companies.

At a time when Palestinians are losing their homes at an ever increasing rate to make way for yet more illegal settlements our government is trying to stop us holding Israel to account.

We’re launching an appeal today not simply to help us challenge this piece of legislation but because we know that there are a whole host of attacks we are facing as a movement – and we need to be able to fight back against them all. So we are asking for your support.

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We know we are being targeted because we are effective. BDS is considered a strategic threat by the Israeli government who are throwing their weight behind trying to discredit us. They are attempting to brand us decisive and extreme in order to prevent us from effectively holding Israel to account – we need to show them it won’t work.

We have a choice we could go quiet and hope that these attacks pass – or we can come back with renewed strength and determination to win freedom and equality for Palestine.

Today we are launching an appeal can you help us raise £30,000 for our campaigns?

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Palestinians should enjoy the same rights and freedoms as anyone else, but right now they don’t and so we’re doing something about it. BDS is a key part of our movement – and it is having an impact. BDS is people like you and me choosing not to do business with Israel until it adheres to international law. It worked in South Africa and it will work this time too.

We owe it to the Palestinians to stand together against these repressive plans.

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