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This is a message that was sent to us by a long-standing supporter of Oxfam, now nearly 80 years old:

‘Last night I spent a bit of time on the phone to Oxfam detailing the chronology of Scarlett’s several contracts (SodaStream, L’Oreal, Dolce Gabbana, et al), all of which followed her 2003 appointment as a front for Oxfam.  And so, today I again telephoned Oxfam and, after explaining how much money I have donated over many years (I started donating when I was in my 20s) I asked that my direct debit to Oxfam be immediately stopped.  This was said after I was told “all of us here are expecting a statement at any time soon.”   I directed their attention to Oxfam’s position in the 90’s when a few hundred Palestinians were left homeless after their homes were destroyed to make way for the settlement on which SodaStream now stands. I also questioned – with utmost respect – whether Ms Starlet was speaking as a rep for Oxfam when she said that SodaStream was enabling a bridge for peace.  Believe me, this severing of a long-established tie was done with a heavy heart.  As I told the woman yesterday, I feel that I have been betrayed by an old friend’