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Our research has exposed that UK universities invest over an estimated £450million in companies complicit in Israeli apartheid, through supplying weapons and technology to the Israeli military, and investing in Israel’s illegal settlement economy. This information is available in our user-friendly database.

Today, over 30 student groups are holding rallies, protests, banner drops etc across the UK to demand UK universities end their complicity with Israeli apartheid and pledge to be #ApartheidFree.

Support their actions on social media with the following posts

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UK universities invest over £450million in companies complicit with Israel’s arms trade and illegal settlement project. I support the students across the UK taking action today to demand #ApartheidOffCampus! bit.ly/GoApartheidFree

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Today, Over 30 student groups across the UK are taking action to demand an end to UK universities complicity with Israeli apartheid. Time to get #ApartheidOffCampus!🇵🇸 bit.ly/GoApartheidFree Check out their actions here: bit.ly/GoApartheidFree

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I’m shocked to discover UK universities invest over an estimated £450mil in companies complicit with Israeli apartheid. I support the students taking action today across the UK calling for #ApartheidOffCampus bit.ly/GoApartheidFree

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Follow their actions LIVE below:

16.30: Leicester students are holding a demonstration to demand their university end their complicity with Israeli apartheid!


16.10: More actions happening across the country! Including at Leeds Beckett! Find our where Leeds Beckett are invested with our new database  


14.47: Students from London Palestine Society’s drop a huge banner for Waterloo bridge in Central London. It’s time to get #ApartheidOffCampus!!

14.03: Warwick University students hold march in support of divestment and #WarwickOccupy. PSC stands fully in solidarity with them. Find out about Warwick’s complicit investment on our new database!


13.00: Sheffield Uni and Sheffield Hallam students demanding #ApartheidOffCampus in their main university square! Divest Disarm Decolonise!


11.50: Massive demonstration at the University of Leeds as students call for Leeds to fully divest from Israeli apartheid. Check out the video below!


11.30: Students at Aberdeen University campaign for #ApartheidOffCampus! They join forces with the fossil free campaign to call for Aberdeen to divest £100s of millions they currently invest in Israeli apartheid: Find out more on our new database!


10.45: Kicking off the day! Students at the University of Manchester join UCU picketers to demand their institution divest from Caterpillar, complicit in Israeli war crimes. Let’s get #ApartheidOffCampus