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Molly Scott Cato
[email protected]
Political Party
South West
Your ranking on your Party’s list
1. Will you support measures to exclude Israeli illegal settlements from the EU relations with Israel?
2.And will you support a campaign to exclude goods entering the EU from Israel’s settlements beyond the Green Line?
3. Will you ensure that the EU fully applies the conditionality clause guaranteeing respect for human rights in all its future and current agreements between the EU and Israel?
4. Will you oppose Israel’s violations of international human rights and humanitarian law, and will you support Palestinians’ right to self-determination?
Any other comments?
I have a longstanding concern for the Palestinian people, dating back to a spell spent on the West Bank teaching when I was a student. I have also introduced a motion to our conference calling on the party to organise a campaign to boycott Israeli produce and this is the strictest of my personal shopping boycotts.

The issue of Palestine is obviously vital to the Palestinian people but it is also obvious that the festering injustice in that region is feeding global insecurity. As a Quaker I am committed to seeking out the causes of war and the situation in Israel-Palestine seems to me the most glaring contemporary example.

The Green Group in the European Parliament is active in support of the rights of the Palestinian people.Our MEP for the South East, Keith Taylor, is a member of the European Parliament’s delegation to Palestine and has visited the occupied territories. As part of his work Keith has called for Israel to end its practise of detaining Palestinians without charge. Keith has also supported campaigners in his constituency as they call for boycotts on settlement goods to help break the power of the Israeli state. Greens have voted in the European Parliament to increase trade with Palestine to help alleviate poverty in the area. Keith and our London MEP also pushed for Palestine to be given observer status at the UN.