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Date: Saturday 26 July

Assemble outside the Israeli embassy at midday (High Street Kensington, London)

For march to Parliament

Rally at Parliament at 2.30pm

Stop the massacre

More than 700 Palestinians have been killed and more than 4,000 injured since 7 July, when the
Israeli army launched its military operation on Gaza. On 20 July alone, Israeli troops massacred
67 Palestinians in the Shejaiya district east of Gaza City.

The UK government is refusing to act to end the slaughter, and respect Palestinian lives. The new
Foreign Secretary said “Israel has the right to defend itself”. Israel is not defending itself: this attack
on Gaza is simply the latest stage in a long, brutal, illegal, military occupation. We demand that the
British government calls for an immediate end of Israel’s action – which is fundamentally based on the
collective punishment of the Palestinian people.

Sanctions now

Israel is in violation of international law with its attack on the civilian population. The UK should be
making clear that unless Israel ends this bloody campaign it will move to impose sanctions, in particular
that it will not buy or supply military equipment that has or could be used or tested as part of its illegal
occupation or as part of the collective punishment of the Palestinian people. As part of our campaign we
should target firms which are complicit with Israel’s war industry.

End the arms trade with Israel – Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions

Some of the munitions Israel is currently deploying may not be specifically prohibited under international
humanitarian law, but according to B’Tselem, “rules of humanitarian law render their use in the Gaza
Strip illegal. One of the most fundamental principles is the obligation to distinguish between those who
are involved and those who are not involved”