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Statement from Hugh Lanning, PSC Chair:

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign is an anti-racist organisation campaigning for Palestinian rights. We are appalled at the acts of racism and antisemitism we witnessed at the protest against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to the UK to meet David Cameron.

There is no place for racism in the Palestine solidarity movement. To those individuals who attempt to hijack PSC campaigns, meetings or demonstrations as a vehicle for their own antisemitism and hatred, we strongly condemn your actions and beliefs. Such views have no place in our movement.

The demonstration was to bring public attention to the war crimes Israel has committed. The role of the British Government should be to hold Israel to account under international law, not to trade arms with them.

To our Jewish supporters who are PSC members or activists, and the wider Jewish community in the UK, we stand united with you against antisemitism in whichever form it takes.

The actions of these racists, who are neither PSC members nor supporters, detracts from solidarity with Palestine and enables Israel to escape the global scrutiny it deserves. PSC has expelled members in the past who have violated our core anti-racist principles and will do so again if necessary.