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Key Updates

  • 179 confirmed cases in East Jerusalem
  • 368 confirmed cases in the remainder of the West Bank
  • 20 confirmed cases in the Gaza Strip
  • 18,298 Palestinians are in quarantine
  • No deaths reported since 20th April

Further Info

OCHA emergency situation report
UNRWA weekly update
WHO situation report
MAP situation update
11 more cases confirmed in the West Bank
Palestinians in Lebanon say coronavirus help is too little, too late
Palestine reopens a prominent church and mosque in the occupied West Bank
Opinion: Palestinian workers are bearing the brunt of the pandemic

Take Action

Israel’s blockade on Gaza will have catastrophic effects on the spread and fatality of coronavirus within the besieged strip. We must urge the UK to use its diplomatic power to put end to this, so that Palestinians can gain access to the healthcare they need during this crisis. Write to your MP today.