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On Tuesday 24 November 2015, PSC organised a packed meeting in Parliament, hosted by Grahame Morris MP, focusing on the need for international law and justice to be central to finding a way to end the Israeli occupation.

Here is a twitter report from the night:



Ben White said “Israel’s violations of international law are not aberrations – they are systematic.” To read more>

PSC would like to thank the following speakers for coming to the event:

Kamel Hawwash – Vice Chair of Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Tommy Sheppard – MP for Edinburgh East and SNP Spokesperson for the Cabinet Office
Paula Sherriff – MP for Dewsbury
Ben White – journalist
Sarah Colborne – Director of Palestine Solidarity Campaign
The event was chaired by Hugh Lanning

We’d also like to offer our heartfelt thanks to Grahame Morris MP, chair of Labour Friends of Palestine & the Middle East, for hosting the event.