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  1. David Jones: What representations has Foreign Secretary made to his Israeli counterpart on the transfer of protected persons from the West Bank to prisons inside Israel?


Commons Written Answers


  1. John Howell: What reports has Foreign Secretary received of the glorification by the Fatah movement of terrorists who have murdered Israelis?



  1. Michael Fabricant: What reports has Foreign Secretary received on Hamas’ rearmament in Gaza; and will he make an assessment of the potential effect on the Middle East Peace Process of that rearmament?


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That this House welcomes the forthcoming Palestine Youth Orchestra’s visit to Scotland in the summer of 2016, and looks forward to its arrival in Glasgow in July as it embarks on a period of intensive rehearsal prior to undertaking a tour of major cities across the UK; supports the young people and recognises that this tour offers hope, opportunity and recognition of the contribution that the people of Palestine wish to make in developing relationships and friendships across the world; and congratulates all members of the orchestra on their tremendous success in overcoming the many challenges and disadvantages that they face in developing and promoting the culture, skills and insights of the Palestinian people.



  1. PMQs:

– Hannah Bardell: The Prime Minister might be aware of the tragic case of Julie Pearson, a young Scottish woman who died in Israel in November and who was allegedly beaten and raped before her death. I met her family recently, and I hope that the whole House will join me in offering their condolences to them. They are struggling to get answers from the Israeli Government and authorities; in particular, they are struggling to get her autopsy report. Will the Prime Minister meet me to discuss putting pressure on the Israeli Government and authorities to look into Julie’s death, so that her family can get the answers that they want and ultimately get justice for Julie?

– David Cameron: I am not directly aware of this case, but I will certainly take it up with the Israeli authorities on the hon. Lady’s behalf, because it is important that her constituents get answers on this matter. Perhaps I could arrange for her to have a meeting with Foreign Office Ministers so that they can discuss this. We have good relations with Israel, and we should use those good relations to make sure that when people need answers, they get them.

House of Commons Hansard Debates for 20 Jan 2016 (pt 0001)

Commons Oral Answers


  1. John Howell: What representations has Foreign Secretary made to the Palestinian Authority on reports of senior official Jibril Rajoub praising terror attacks against Israelis?



  1. Craig Williams: Will Foreign Secretary make an assessment of the effect on the Middle East peace process of recent attacks against Israeli citizens?



  1. Shabana Mahmood: When does Foreign Secretary expect the report on progress on recommendations regarding child detention in Palestine by the delegation of lawyers visiting Palestine in February 2016 to be published?



  1. Shabana Mahmood: What assessment has HMG made of (a) the extent of differential treatment of Palestinian and Israeli child detainees by Israel and (b) whether that differential is consistent with Israelis international human rights obligations? [ed: Minister’s reply notable for omitting customary reference to alleged “improvements”]



  1. Shabana Mahmood: Will Foreign Secretary make representations to Israel of the implications of its obligations under the Geneva Convention for the practice of forcible transportation of child prisoners from Palestine to Israeli jails?


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  1. David Burrowes: How does aid disbursed by DfID’s Palestinian Programme tackle anti-Israeli incitement?



  1. Andrew Percy: Has Foreign Secretary made representations to the Palestinian Authority on recent comments related to the practice of honouring terrorists by Rami Hamdallah?


Nos 1-2 Commons Written Answers


  1. Lord Polak: What representations have HMG made to the Palestinian Authority following the seizure by Israeli customs of 4,000 incitement dolls, allegedly designed to encourage stone throwing, destined for the West Bank?



  1. Lord Polak: What representations have HMG made to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas over recent reports that he said that violence by Palestinians constitutes a “justified popular uprising”?



  1. Lord Polak: What representations have HMG made to the Palestinian Authority Ministry of Health following its description of Nashat Milhem as “one of the dearest Martyrs, and his name is engraved with his pure blood, which watered the ground of our free land”? http://www.parliament.uk/business/publications/written-questions-answers-statements/written-question/Lords/2016-01-11/HL4922


  1. Lord Polak: What recent representations have HMG made to the Palestinian Authority over reports that it has provided millions in monthly salaries to convicted Palestinian terrorists serving sentences in Israeli jails? http://www.parliament.uk/business/publications/written-questions-answers-statements/written-question/Lords/2016-01-11/HL4923

Nos 3-6 Lords Written Answers


  1. Philip Hollobone: What assessment has Defence Secretary made of the security situation in the Sinai and its impact on the military capability of Hamas in the Gaza Strip?


  1. Andy Slaughter: Will Foreign Secretary make an assessment of the humanitarian effect of the Israeli government’s policy on demolition orders?


  1. Andy Slaughter: What representations has FCO made to the Israeli government on demolitions in the Bedouin community of Abu Nuwar in the West Bank on 6 January 2016?


  1. Paul Flynn: Does Foreign Secretary plan to support initiative to the create an independent regional centre for security dialogue in the Middle East?


  1. Richard Burden: What discussions has Chancellor had with the Cooperative Bank and what representations has he received on its decision to close bank accounts belonging to groups campaigning on matters relating to Israel and Palestine; and will he make a statement?


Commons Written Answers