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  1. Baroness Tonge: What discussions have HMG held with Israel concerning its intention to raise the maximum penalty for stone throwing to 20 years imprisonment?


  1. Baroness Deech: What is HMG’s assessment of reports of incitement to violence in PA school textbooks and media?
  2. The Marquess of Lothian: Do HMG intend to encourage Israel to contribute to the rebuilding of Gaza after the damage caused in the recent conflict, and if not, why not?

Nos 2-3 http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/ld201415/ldhansrd/text/141127w0001.htm#14112778000320

Nos 1-3 Lords Written Answers



  1. PMQs:

– Sir Gerald Kaufman: “Will the Prime Minister condemn the new Israeli Government Bill that removes what are defined as national rights from all Israeli citizens who are not Jews, makes Hebrew the only national language and has been denounced by the Israeli Attorney-General as causing a “deterioration of the democratic characteristic of the state”? Will he make it clear that the statutory, repressive removal of citizenship rights on the basis of religion will turn Israel into an apartheid state?”

– David Cameron: “One of the reasons I am such a strong supporter of Israel is that it is a country that has given rights and democracy to its people, and it is very important that that continues. When we look across the region and at the indexes of freedom, we see that Israel is one of the few countries that tick the boxes for freedom, and it is very important that it continues to do so.”


Hansard video http://www.parliamentlive.tv/Main/Player.aspx?meetingId=16550  @ 43:27

Commons Oral Answers

  1. Foreign Secretary attended 17 November FAC in Brussels, chaired by Federica Mogherini, where: “Ministers agreed conclusions responding to recent tensions by calling for calm in Jerusalem, deploring settlement expansion, and urging a durable ceasefire in Gaza. The conclusions pledge an EU role, through the reactivation and possible expansion of the EU’s CSDP missions in Gaza.”


Commons Written Statement



  1. Rehman Chishti: Welcomes Foreign Secretary’s statement to the House on the Iran nuclear talks but asks: “…has a lot of pressure been put on Iran for it to stop supporting and harbouring terrorism—whether from Hamas in Israel, from Hezbollah in Lebanon, from interference in Iraq or from support for the brutal regime in Syria?” http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201415/cmhansrd/cm141125/debtext/141125-0002.htm#14112534000001

Commons Oral Answers


  1. Jeffrey Donaldson: What discussions has Foreign Secretary had with his counterpart in Israel and the PA following the recent vote in the House on Palestinian statehood?  http://www.parliament.uk/business/publications/written-questions-answers-statements/written-question/Commons/2014-11-18/214888

Commons Written Answers


  1. Lord Hylton: What actions are HMG taking internationally to reduce over-crowding, improve safety and provide medical care for the inhabitants of Shatila and similar refugee camps in Lebanon?


Lords Written Answers



  1. Debbie Abrahams: [in Topical MOD Questions] “Official figures show that the Government granted 68 export licences for nearly £7 million-worth of military-use items to be sent to Israel between January and June of this year. What discussions did the Defence Secretary have with the Business Secretary about those licences and why did the Government refuse to suspend them during the offensive on Gaza this summer, when they clearly broke the guiding principle of being responsible exports?” [Philip Dunne: “The Government were concerned to look at any export licences that had been granted and undertook an initial review in August. We launched another review earlier this month and when it is available we will respond to the hon. Lady.”]


Commons Oral Answers


  1. Jeremy Corbyn: How many IDF officers have visited UK defence establishments since 1 July 2014, and what was the purpose of each such visit?



  1. Jeremy Corbyn: How many UK military personnel have had official meetings with the IDF since 1 July 2014, and what was the purpose of each such meeting?



  1. Nadim Zahawi: What recent assessment has Foreign Secretary made of whether Hamas has misused humanitarian aid?



  1. Guto Bebb: What reports has Foreign Secretary received about Ayatollah Khamenei’s nine point plan for the destruction of Israel?



  1. Fiona MacTaggart: With reference to Israel’s recent announcement of an extra 1,060 settlement units in East Jerusalem, will the Foreign Secretary accelerate the timetable of his discussion with EU partners on what further steps can be taken to discourage Israeli settlement activity?



  1. Fiona MacTaggart: What discussions have FCO Ministers and officials had with their Belgian counterparts on developing a common European response to Israeli demolition of EU-funded development projects in the OPTs?



  1. Fiona MacTaggart: How many of the UK Government-funded development projects in East Jerusalem or the WB have been demolished or damaged by the Israeli authorities in each of the last five years, and what was the replacement value of each such project?


  1. Fiona MacTaggart: What discussions has DfID had with its Belgian equivalents on developing a common European response to Israeli demolition of EU-funded development projects in the OPTs?


  1. Chris Williamson: What assistance does DfID plan to give to the removal of unexploded remnants of war in civilian areas in Gaza?



  1. Chris Williamson: What help does DfID plan to give to children in Gaza requiring specialised psychosocial support as a result of recent conflict?



  1. Chris Williamson: What assistance does DfID Secretary plan to provide for the reconstruction or repair of schools destroyed or badly damaged in the Gaza conflict?



  1. Chris Williamson: What recent assessment has DfID Secretary made of the humanitarian situation in Gaza?


Nos 2-13 Commons Written Answers


  1. Lord Hylton: Do HMG intend to seek compensation from the government of Israel for the damage to nine schools in Gaza, whose construction had been funded by the UK?


Lords Written Answers