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William Hague, responding to a petition about trafficking in the Sinai, writes that he shares concerns about treatment of Eritrean, Ethiopian and Sudanese refugees trying to get to Europe and Israel. “A lasting solution to these challenges will require a joined-up response, including the security forces, but also encouraging improved levels of engagement and opportunity for the local Bedouin population.”



1. Matthew Offord: What estimate has BIS Secretary made of the benefit of the UK-Israel Tech Hub to the economies of Israel and the UK and in which countries are there bilateral UK tech hubs?http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201314/cmhansrd/cm131126/text/131126w0002.htm#13112677000065

2. Richard Burden: What assessment has Foreign Secretary made of the implications of the proposed Mount Scopus Slopes National Park for the neighbourhoods of Al-Issawiya and At-Tur and the ongoing peace negotiations?


3. Matthew Offord: Will Foreign Secretary make an assessment of the number of Syrian refugees treated at the Galilee Hospital in the Golan Heights area of Israel? [Hugh Robertson: “According to information from the Israeli National Security Council, approximately 300 Syrians have been treated in the Western Galilee Hospital. The hospital is situated in the Israeli town of Nahiriya, not in the Occupied GolanHeights.”]










1. Foreign Secretary’s statement on Iran:

– Robert Halfon: What steps can Foreign Secretary take to ensure that over the six months Iran not only stops work on nuclear enrichment, but stops supporting Hamas, Hezbollah and the Assad regime?

– William Hague: We will use the opportunity for dialogue with Iran to raise the sorts of issues he describes.

– Simon Hughes: Does Foreign Secretary think that Iran might be encouraged to participate in the other conversations in the middle east, such as the discussions relating to Israel and Palestine?

– William Hague: I hope so.


Commons Debates

2. David Amess: What recent discussions has the Prime Minister and other Ministers and officials of No.10 and FCO

had with Tony Blair in his role as Quartet Representative; what recent assessment has he made of his achievements in that role; what recent targets has he given to him in that role; and will he make a statement?



3. Pat Glass: What projects in Israel and the OPTs are funded by the Conflict Pool?



4. Pat Glass: How much of DfID’s spend in the OPTs is allocated to programmes run by non-governmental, non-UN and non-PA bodies? Same question in relation to 2010, 2011 and 2012.



5. Matthew Offord: How many times have FCO Ministers visited Israel in last 12 months?



6. Matthew Offord: What reports has Foreign Secretary received of the potential economic benefit of the proposed Rawabi city in the WB?


7. Richard Burden: Following the announcement on 19 November 2013 of a new UK-Palestinian Strategic Dialogue, what is the remit of the Dialogue, who will it involve, when will the first meeting take place and will he make a statement?

Nos 6-7


Nos 2-7 Commons Written Answers


8. Baroness Tonge: How many files relating to Palestine between 1900 and 1950 remain in the possession of the FCO and have not been deposited in the National Archives?


Lords Written Answers