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  1. Iraq Inquiry:

– Angus MacNeil: I was not a Member of the House at that time, but my hon. Friend reminds me of the time when the then Deputy Prime Minister was arguing that the road map for Palestine was somehow connected to the maiming and the murder in Iraq.


Commons Debates


  1. Foreign Secretary attended Foreign Affairs Council on 19 January in Brussels. Ministers discussed the Middle East Peace Process with Arab League Secretary General Elaraby. “The Council decided to appeal against the judgement of the General Court in the case Council vs Hamas of 17 December (T-400/10). The Court had annulled, on procedural grounds, the Council’s decision to maintain Hamas on the EU list of terrorist organisations. During the appeal, Hamas will stay on the terrorist list.”


Commons Written Statements


  1. Palestine Recognition: Lord Steel moved that this House takes note of the Resolution of the House of Commons of 13 October 2014 that “this House believes that the Government should recognise the state of Palestine alongside the state of Israel, as a contribution to securing a negotiated two state solution”, and that this recommendation has also been adopted by the European Parliament, and the Parliaments of Sweden, France, Ireland, Portugal and Luxembourg.

– Others speaking for the Motion: Lord Cope, Baroness Blackstone, Baroness Williams, Baroness Warsi, Bishop of Southwark, Lord Judd, Baroness Hussein-Ece, Lord Green of Deddington, Baroness Morris of Bolton, Lord Williams of Baglan, Lord Dykes, Baroness Uddin.
– Against the Motion: Lord Pannick, Lord Mendelsohn, Lord Palmer of Childs Hill, Lord Stirrup, Lord Leigh, Lord Bew, Lord Mitchell, Lord Davies of Stamford, Lord Winston, Lord Farmer, Baroness Ramsay, Lord Gold, Lord Turnberg,

Baroness Deech.

– Summing up for the Opposition, Baroness Morgan of Ely said: “The Motion before the House in October did not commit Labour to immediate recognition of Palestine or mandate the UK Government to immediately bilaterally recognise the state of Palestine, but the vote supported by Labour underlines the party’s belief in the principle of recognising Palestinian statehood. The timing and mechanism by which Palestinian recognition takes place will continue to be a matter to be decided by an incoming Labour Government.” [extract]

– Summing up for the Government, Lord Wallace of Saltaire said: “What can we do within Britain, where we have all protested against the deteriorating situation? First, as I have suggested, we have to build tolerance and understanding here. That is extremely important in a dangerous situation. Secondly, we have to work with other friendly states to bring influence to bear on all sides in the conflict. Thirdly, we have to continue to provide financial support to assist the construction of a viable Palestinian state; equally, we have to continue to impress on the Government of Israel that their long-term security depends on security within boundaries that provide a viable Palestinian state alongside Israel. At the appropriate time, we have to join with others in recognising a Palestinian state as part of the painful process of working towards the only viable resolution of this long-standing conflict: two states, sharing the historic land of Palestine in peace.” [extract]


and http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/ld201415/ldhansrd/text/150129-0003.htm

Hansard video: http://www.parliamentlive.tv/Main/Player.aspx?meetingId=17000  @ 5:27:34 [almost 3 hours]

Lords Debates



  1. Sustainable Development Goals:

– Stephen Doughty: Pays tribute to the diaspora communities in his constituency, who “are also involved in fundraising for places such as Gaza which are facing humanitarian crises”.


Commons Debates

  1. Guto Bebb: What discussions has Foreign Secretary had with the Palestinian Authority about the steps it can take to ensure the unhindered operation of the Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism?



  1. Guto Bebb: What recent assessment has Foreign Secretary made of the stability of the Fatah-Hamas Unity government in the Palestinian Authority?


Nos 2-3 Commons Written Answers


  1. Baroness Tonge: Further to the Written Answer by Baroness Anelay on 13 January what assessment have HMG made of progress in the Israeli investigation of the death of Palestinian Cabinet Minister Ziad Abu Ein?


Lords Written Answers




  1. Matthew Offord: What steps has FCO taken in response to the decision of the General Court of the European Union on Hamas? [ed: see http://eeas.europa.eu/statements-eeas/2015/150119_01_en.htm]



  1. Nigel Dodds: What assessment has Foreign Secretary made of the effect of the accession of the Palestinian Authority to the International Criminal Court on the prospects for further negotiations between Israel and that Authority?



Nos 1-2 Commons Written Answers