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New MPs in Parliament: parliamentary copyright images are reproduced with the permission of Parliament

MPs ask Ministers about closing down financial transactions with settlements, the UK arms relationship with Israel and Israel’s nuclear arsenal. MPs to note: Nicholas Soames, Sir Bob Russell and Richard Burden. Andrew Percy MP asked a number of questions supportive of the Israeli lobby positions.


1. Richard Burden: How has Treasury complied with EC guidelines on abolition of incentives to organisations benefiting settlements?

Commons Written Answer


1. In Nuclear Deterrent debate, Israel’s nuclear weapons were mentioned by: Julian Lewis, Joan Ruddock, Gerald Kaufman, Jeremy Corbyn. Read more>>

2. Nicholas Soames: Is the Business Secretary taking to ensure that settler produce is correctly labelled? Read more>>

3. Answering Jonathan Evans about DfID support of maternal health programmes, Lynne Featherstone says OPTs are not included. Read more>>

4. Nicholas Soames: Asks Foreign Secretary if he will prohibit import of settler produce. Read more>>

5. Nicholas Soames: Asks if the Government will prohibit UK-based financial institutions from financing (a) building settlements and (b) businesses owned by settlers. Read more>>

6. Nicholas Soames: Has the Foreign Secretary discussed greater trade between UK and Palestine? Read more>>

7. Nicholas Soames: What steps is Chancellor of Exchequer taking to ensure that settler produce does not benefit under EU-Israel ACAA? Read more>>


1. Sir Bob Russell: what the value was of the UK’s arms trade with Israel and if we prohibit Israel using UK-made weapons in the OPTs. [Michael Fallon: Refers to Government’s annual reports on strategic export controls.  “The Government will not issue a licence if there was a clear risk the items for export would be used for internal repression, would provoke or prolong armed conflict in the country of final destination, or be used aggressively against another country or territory.” C-WA

2. Martin Horwood: what UK military and other personnel have been and are deployed under Common Foreign and Security Policy or Common Security and Defence Policy operations. C-WA

3. Ministerial Correction to a Written Answer: Michael Fallon corrects the information he provided to Daniel Kawczynski on 26 November regarding   numbers of staff working to UKTI objectives in Israel.]


1. Andrew Percy: Has DfID made any assessment of the work of Palestinian Media Watch?

2. Andrew Percy: What assessment has DfID Secretary made of whether UK aid to PA is used to pay salaries of prisoners?

3. Andrew Percy: What information does FCO hold on progress with US-funded review of Palestinian and Israeli textbooks? When is report due?

4. Andrew Percy: What recent representations has Consulate General made to PA with regard to glorification of terrorists by members of PA?

5. Andrew Percy: What examples of incitement and hatred were raised by Consulate General with Head of News at Palestine TV? Nos 4-5

6. Richard Burden: Has Minister for Cabinet Office informed the Charity Commission of European Council decision of 16 June 2005 on abolition of financial and tax incentives, subsidies and exemptions to organisations benefiting Israeli settlements and their inhabitants?   


1. Gordon Banks: What steps does Foreign Secretary plan to take if Israel announces further settlements?

2. Gordon Banks: What discussions has the Foreign Secretary had with Israel on recording of police interviews with children?

Questions 1 & 2>>

3. Katy Clark: Were UK manufactured weapons or components were used by Israeli military forces during Operation Pillar of Defence in November 2012?

4. Richard Burden: how much tax relief applied for via Gift Aid was received by organisations funding projects in the settlements in the last five years.