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FRIDAY   1   MARCH   2013
1. David Winnick: What discussions has Prime Minister had with US Secretary of State on a new US initiative to bring about fresh negotiations in Palestinian-Israel conflict?
2. Katy Clark: What steps is FCO taking to deter use of administrative detention in Israel?
3. Frank Field: Is Foreign Secretary discussing with Israel ending its practice of administrative detention?
4. Frank Field: What steps is HMG taking to monitor and alleviate conditions of the four Palestinian hunger strikers in Israeli jails?
5. Katy Clark: Will Foreign Secretary issue a condemnation of Israel’s use of administrative detention to hold people without trial?
6. Priti Patel: What representations has Foreign Secretary made to PA on reports of incitement against Israel and the West?
7. Lyn Brown: What steps has FCO taken to help ensure access to justice for Palestinians detained by Israeli authorities?
8. Robert Halfon: Asks DfID Secretary what offences were committed by the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails receiving payments from the PA.
9. Robert Halfon: Asks DfID Secretary whether PA offers anti-crime education programmes to families of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.
10. Robert Halfon: Asks DfID Secretary how many Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails have received payments from PA in each of the last five years.
All the above are Commons Written Answers
(Lords did not sit on that day)

1. David Ward [in Death Penalty (India) debate]: Referring to recent visit to West Bank, where he challenged forcible removal of Bedouins, he says we have a duty to speak up especially for minorities facing persecution “no matter what entrenched views or self-interest they might be battling against”, and concludes: “The oppressors often have powerful weapons at their disposal to stifle debate.”]

2. Jeremy Corbyn [in Kurdish Genocide debate]: Like Palestinian people, the Kurdish people, “took at face value Woodrow Wilson’s 14 points….. and assumed that they would achieve nationhood as a result.”

3. Priti Patel: What steps has DfID taken and plans to take to ensure that UK financial aid to PA is not used for incitement against Israel and the West?

4. Priti Patel: What processes are in place at DfID to ensure that UK-funded, EU-funded and UN-funded NGOs in PA do not promote incitement against Israel and the West?

Nos 3-4


Westminster Hall debate on Relations with the Arab world:

–   George Galloway: Membership of Conservative or Labour Friends of Israel is a precondition for becoming a minister for the ME. No wonder we lack credibility. With the Balfour Declaration we committed the original sin against the Palestinian people and made ourselves responsible for their tragedy. Instead of compensating them, we support the very country that has driven them out and wiped their country off the map. (The speech also ranged over other countries in the ME; there were brief interventions by Edward Leigh and Keith Vaz.)

–  Alistair Burt: While appreciating Galloway’s passion, expounds his different opinion. Being a friend of Israel does not preclude being friends of others in the region; says Mr Abbas appreciated his visit to family of Mustafa Tamimi and pursuit of his case; “I do my best”.

Read the debate>

Hansard video @ 16:00:14

Tuesday 26th February

1. Hate incitement against Israel by the Palestinian Authority Adjournment debate

Gordon Henderson: 2013 crucial year for peace: Israel must readopt “land for peace”;  PA must stop  printing maps that erase Israel, glorify terrorists, etc (holds up photos). US-funded study of school textbooks shows moral relativism but also the need for Israeli ultra-Orthodox education to re-examine their material; UK tax-payer money should not support salaries paid by PA even to unmarried prisoners convicted of terrorism. PM said in UJIA dinner speech that Britain will not tolerate incitement to terrorism. Asks Minister for assurance that HMG will hold to account not only Israel but also PA. Supporting interventions by Lee Scott, Louise Ellman, Andrew Percy, Matthew Offord, Guto Bebb.

– Alistair Burt: We raise concerns with both sides. Incitement to hate Jews does not apply to all Palestinians. “I also feel that to neglect any sense of any activity that may have been perpetrated by Israelis during the occupation as any part of popular anger against Israel misses an important part of the context.” Israel and HMG believe PA to be firm partner for peace.

– Andrew Percy: But senior PA officials attend sporting events named after terrorists who murdered innocent Israelis!

– AB: PM denounced that, “but not to understand how that operates in the occupied territories is to miss something fundamental”.

– GH: I want to make clear that I understand the context.

– AB: “You did not say it.”

– GH: I said Israelis weren’t blameless, but incitement against Israel and Jews is not to be condoned.

– AB: It’s vital to understand context.

– Philip Hollobone: British taxpayers pay £30 million a year to PA general budget.

– AB: We keep these under review; payments to prisoners are made at Israel’s request to meet basic needs. Incitement is a symptom not a cause. “Popular anger…. has not come about solely because of exposure to the media, but by the experiences of occupation of too many in those territories”. Israel must examine its own actions. Urges MPs to be as focused on the peace process as on opposing incitement.

Link to debate>

Hansard video>@ 16:36:42

2.  Lord Hylton: What action are HMG taking to implement UNSCR resolution 1860 of 2009 regarding access to Gaza?

3.  Lord Steel: What assessment have HMG made of recommendations in “Trading Away Peace: How Europe Helps Sustain Illegal Israeli Settlements, published in October 2012?

4.  Lord Hylton: Will HMG make representations to Israel so that WB Area C may be included in PA’s National Plan from 2013?

Nos 2-4 are Lords Written Answers

MONDAY   25   FEBRUARY   2013

This week Lord Hylton has made representations about the situation in Cremisan, along with the Bishop of Exeter. People in Bethlehem, including the nuns and fathers who live and work in the Cremisan are currently waiting the High Court decision for the future of this historic and beautiful area.


1.  Foreign Secretary attended 18 February Foreign Affairs Council, where Ministers agreed

Lord Hylton in the Lords
Lord Hylton – parliamentary copyright images are reproduced with the permission of Parliament

that 2013 was crucial year for the Middle East Peace Process (MEPP).

2.  Equality (Language Analysis—Palestinian, Syrian and Kuwaiti Testing) Authorisation (No. 2) 2013. Immigration Minister Mark Harper on 20 February made this authorisation to assist UKBA’s use of language analysis testing to identify an asylum applicant’s true place of origin.

Nos 1-2 Commons Written Statements

3. Lord Hylton: Have HMG received information about restoration of water supply to Al-Bureij Camp and, if not, will they make representations to Israel about supply of water filters for the damaged desalinator?

4. Lord Hylton: Will HMG make representations to Israel about proposed position of wall near Bethlehem once this is no longer subject of litigation?

5. Bishop of Exeter : What discussions have HMG had with Israel regarding plans to construct a barrier through Cremisan Valley?

6. Bishop of Exeter:  What assessment have HMG made of impact on local community in Cremisan Valley of Israel’s proposal to construct a barrier through it?

7. Baroness Tonge: What discussions have HMG had with Israel about killing by Israeli security forces of Ahmad Jabari?

8. Baroness Tonge: What discussions have HMG had regarding ban on import of settlement goods in light of January report by UNHCR?

9. Baroness Tonge: What representations will HMG make to Israel concerning refusal to take part in Universal Periodic Review session of UNHRC in Geneva in January?

Nos  4-9

10. Baroness Deech: For how many refugees  did/does UNRWA have responsibility in 1950, 2003 and currently?

11. Baroness Deech: How many of the refugees for whom UNWRA has responsibility are nationals of the countries in which they are situated?

12. Baroness Deech: What financial contribution has been made to UNWRA in last 10 years by UK, EU and Gulf States?

13. Baroness Deech: What plans do HMG have to initiate or fund reports on children in military captivity?

14. Lord Warner: What is HMG’s response to Israel’s proposal to resume its policy of not transferring tax revenues to PA if it agrees to form unity government with Hamas?

15. Baroness Tonge: What discussions have HMG had with UNWRA regarding recompense from Israel for destruction of Paralympic training facilities in Gaza?

Nos 10-15

16. Baroness Tonge: What representations have HMG made to Israel concerning their refusal to allow holders of UK passports who are of Palestinian origin to enter West Bank? [Lord Wallace of Saltaire: FCO unable to interfere. “It is within the remit of the Israeli immigration officials to decide who they allow to enter.”]

17. Baroness Tonge: What representations have HMG made to Israel concerning their renaming of West Bank as Judea and Samaria?

Nos 16-17

1. Lyn Brown: On how many occasions between 1 and 30 November 2012 did Foreign Secretary meet Israeli Ambassador?

2. Stuart Andrew: What recent discussions has Foreign Secretary had with PA on importance of direct peace talks?

3. Jeremy Corbyn: How many members of FCO are working on proposed WMD-Free ME Conference?

4. Jeremy Corbyn: Which meetings has FCO held with foreign representatives regarding proposed WMD-Free ME Conference since 2010 NPT Review Conference and in 2013? [Alistair Burt: “FCO officials have discussed the conference in visits to the region, for example, meeting with the Arab League in Cairo in October 2012 and visiting Israel in February 2013.”]

5. Jeremy Corbyn: Has Foreign Secretary spoken since Israeli general election to Israeli Prime Minister, Foreign Minister or Ambassador regarding proposed WMD-Free ME Conference ?

Nos 3-5

6. Jeremy Corbyn: Which FCO Ministers and officials will join UK delegation to Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty NPT Preparatory Committee in Geneva?

7. Lyn Brown: What discussions has Foreign Secretary had with Israel on measures to limit number of civilian casualties in Gaza?

8. Lyn Brown: What steps is Foreign Secretary taking to encourage Israel to end settlement building?

Nos 7-8 

9. Fiona O’Donnell: What discussions has Foreign Secretary had with Israel on actions of Israeli military in village of Al Maleh and reported destruction of homes and animal shelters?

10. John Howell: What steps is Foreign Secretary taking to ensure Hamas accepts and abides by Quartet principles?

Nos 9-10

11. Lee Scott: What steps is BIS taking to promote trade with Israel?

12. Lee Scott: What estimate has BIS Secretary made of value of UK’s bilateral trade with Israel?

Nos 11-12