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Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Action for Palestinian Children are campaigning together to demand the human rights of Palestinian children. Read the Guardian letter for the campaign here>>

On 10th December – UN Human Rights Day – Sir Geoffrey Bindman QC, Haya Al Farra from the Palestinian Mission and Betty Hunter, Honorary President of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign handed in a petition to no10 Downing Street. Signed by around 5,000 people it calls on the Government to use all of their powers to end the abuse of Palestinian child prisoners by Israel’s authorities, including freezing all preferential trade agreements with Israel.

The petitioners also handed a letter to the Prime Minister – setting out their demands – see text of the letter below.

Dear Prime Minister

Today, on UN Human Rights Day we present you with a petition signed by more than 4,883 people calling for action from our government on the issue of Palestinian child prisoners held by Israel.

As you will be aware in June 2012, a team of UK lawyers published a FCO-funded, independent report, (‘Children in Military Custody’) on the plight of Palestinian children arrested and detained by Israel. It found that Israel’s treatment of Palestinian child prisoners was in breach of:

            – Article 76 of The 4th Geneva Convention

            – The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

The report made 40 recommendations. The FCO accepted the findings of the report  and promised to take them up with the government of Israel. Nearly six months later, not one of these recommendations has been implemented. This is clearly not good enough.

What we need from our Government is action not words.

Since the Government of Israel continually refuses to uphold international law we are calling on the British government to do so. It is clear that UK Government attempts at diplomacy have failed and there is now a need for bold political and economic measures.  It is time for our government to show courage and take action such as sanctions against Israel rather than be seen as complicit in the continuing impunity with which Israel acts against Palestinian human rights.

Yours sincerely

Sir Geoffrey Bindman QC

Haya Al Farra (Palestinian Mission)

Baroness Dr. Jenny Tonge

Betty Hunter Hon. President PSC

Sara Apps, PSC