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MEP candidate, Pippa Bartolotti, has responded to our survey. Read her responses below:
Political Party
Wales Green Party
Your ranking on your Party’s list
1. Will you support measures to exclude Israeli illegal settlements from the EU relations with Israel?
2.And will you support a campaign to exclude goods entering the EU from Israel’s settlements beyond the Green Line?
3. Will you ensure that the EU fully applies the conditionality clause guaranteeing respect for human rights in all its future and current agreements between the EU and Israel?
4. Will you oppose Israel’s violations of international human rights and humanitarian law, and will you support Palestinians’ right to self-determination?
Any other comments?
As a long time supported of the Palestinian people in their fight for self determination and freedom from oppression, I have previously driven in a successful aid convoy from Wales to Gaza and experienced for myself the everyday hardships and fear of that beleaguered strip of land.I have also attempted to visit the West Bank, but instead recieved 5 days in Givon Jail for my troubles. Bother these visits and their outcomes are well documented.You really can rely on me to stand up for Palestinian human rights.