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The day before the PSC AGM unanimously passed a resolution of support for Red Card Israeli Racism campaign, a group of 40 mainly French supporters picketed the UEFA meeting in Nyon Switzerland, compelling Michel Platini to speak with them. In his press conference he was questioned about the protest – and you can see his replies – conceding the problems of holding the UEFA Under 21 championships in Israel.

This follows the  UK  Red Card Israeli Racism petition being handed in both to the English FA and UEFA and 3936 letters being sent to Platini via PSC.

Manager Eli Cohen simply compounded the racism by developing a hierarchy of Muslims against which bigotry is acceptable. Cohen told Israel’s Ynet:Meanwhile the racism at Israeli football matches grows, with fans of the notoriously racist Beitar Jerusalem football team, recently angered by a decision to recruit two players from the Russian Premier League side FC Terek Grozny which is based in the capital of the Muslim-majority region of Chechyna.

“I don’t understand the fans who don’t want to see a Muslim play with Beitar. There’s a billion Muslims in the world and we need to know how to live with them. There’s a difference, and it makes a difference, between a European Muslim and an Arab Muslim and the fans here have a problem with Arabs living in the Middle East.”

Cohen spoke after Beitar lost a match to Bnei Yehuda during which Beitar fans chanted racist slogans, according to Ynet.

Join our campaign, write to your local football club highlighting the issue of racism in Israeli football asking for support, tell them of the reality for Palestinian footballers and clubs living under illegal occupation. Write to your fanzine – it’s time to stop Israel hosting the UEFA Under 21 championships.

You can read a full report on the RCIR website  or email RCIR