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Tens of thousands of people across the UK expected to protest in fourth Day of Action against Israel’s attacks on Gaza

  • Up to 100 actions are expected to take place across the UK in 10th consecutive weekend of protests
  • The demand is for a permanent ceasefire and lifting of Israel’s illegal siege to allow in desperately needed humanitarian aid
  • UK political leaders are urged to stop their complicity in Israeli war crimes


For the tenth Saturday in a row since Israel launched its bombardment of Gaza, tens of thousands of British people are expected to show their opposition to the indiscriminate attacks on civilians which have claimed the lives of more than 18 000 Palestinians, including at least 8 000 children. Thousands more are missing, presumed dead. More than 80% of the population of Gaza have been displaced, more than 60% of buildings damaged or destroyed. Nearly 2 million people face winter without safety from bombing or the basics of human survival – food, water, shelter.

Last Saturday more than 100 000 people marched in London, the latest of six National marches that have been amongst the largest and most sustained in British history. These national marches have been alternated with Days of Action that have seen protests, marches, and vigils taking place across the UK. This Saturday sees the fourth National Day of Action when thousands of people in cities, towns and villages take action to reinforce that 76% of the UK (as evidenced by a YouGov opinion poll) are in favour of a permanent ceasefire.

There are actions from Abergavenny to Worthing – protests, rallies, petitions, fundraising and marches. Several protests will highlight the complicity of corporations like Barclays Bank, which holds over £1 billion in shares, and provides over £3 billion in loans and underwriting to 9 companies whose weapons, components, and military technology have been used in Israel’s armed violence against Palestinians.

Ben Jamal, PSC Director, said :

“The horror in Gaza is continuing with over 18 thousand Palestinians now killed and thousands more missing, presumed dead, under the rubble of their own homes. Israel is becoming increasingly isolated as demonstrated by the UN General Assembly vote this week which saw more than 80 states vote for a permanent ceasefire. Even President Biden is now describing Israel’s bombing as indiscriminate but still there is a failure by the International community, including the UK Government, to take the action necessary to bring an end to the killing and hold Israel to account for its commission of war crimes.  More than that, British arms are almost certainly being used in these war crimes, with the acquiescence of the British Government.

This Saturday, ordinary people across the UK will come out again to show that the vast majority of them support a permanent ceasefire. They will show their solidarity with Palestinians who are experiencing unbearable suffering. They will also demand the root causes are not forgotten – Israel’s decades-long military occupation of Palestinian territories and its system of apartheid against Palestinians. We demand justice for the Palestinian people – their right to self-determination and to live in freedom, dignity and with equality.”