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Fifth National March for Palestine expected to bring hundreds of thousands to London in demand for a full ceasefire in Gaza

  • Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) welcomes the 4-day cessation of Israel’s onslaught but it’s not sufficient to address the humanitarian catastrophe in the Gaza Strip
  • A permanent ceasefire, lifting of the siege and action on the root causes of the violence are required
  • Speakers at rally to include MPs, trade union leaders and a wide range of civil society organisations

For the seventh Saturday in a row since Israel launched its bombardment of Gaza, hundreds of thousands of British people are expected to show their opposition to the indiscriminate attacks on civilians which have claimed the lives of at least 14 500 Palestinians, including more than 6000 children.

On Saturday November 11th an estimated 800 000 people marched in London, one of the largest political demonstrations in British history. Last Saturday, November 18th, saw a National Day of Action with more than 100 protests around the country, from Abergavenny to Worthing.

This Saturday sees the return of a national demonstration in London. Now more than ever we must raise our voices to demand that this truce is made permanent, that the cruel siege on the Gaza Strip is completely lifted, and the root causes of the crisis in Palestine are addressed.

Ben Jamal, PSC Director, said :

“This 4-day truce will allow some desperately needed aid to enter the Gaza Strip. This, however, will not be sufficient to even address the most urgent need. The illegal siege on Gaza must be completely lifted to allow unfettered access for food, water, fuel, and medical supplies.

A permanent ceasefire must be the starting point to address the underlying causes of the situation, including decades of military occupation and a system of oppression against the Palestinian people that is considered internationally to meet the legal definition of apartheid. The British government must end its complicity in Israel’s crimes, starting by joining the call for the killing of civilians to stop completely.

We will redouble our efforts to ensure that there is no return to violence. We will continue to march, demonstrate, and organise to demand an immediate and permanent ceasefire and justice for the Palestinian people.”