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PSC present letter to the Prime Minister

Today, 15 May 2013, PSC’s Chair, Hugh Lanning, Director, Sarah Colborne and Patron, Baroness Jenny Tonge, handed in a letter to Downing Street calling for UK action on Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.


Hugh Lanning, Chair of Palestine Solidarity Campaign, alerted the Prime Minister to the fact that since 2008 – in East Jerusalem and the part of the West Bank fully controlled by Israel (known as area C) – more than 2400 Palestinian houses and structures have been forcibly demolished displacing more than 4400 people.


PSC Chair, Hugh Lanning, reminded the UK Government of the demand made by major aid agencies last month that it must “hold Israel accountable for settlement expansion, destruction of civilian infrastructure, and forced transfer, all of which are violations of International Law.”


Hugh Lanning, Chair, said:


“Many people are aware of the fact that a great injustice took place in 1948 when 750,000 Palestinians were driven from their homes. But that injustice continues until today, not only in occupied Palestinian territory but within Israel itself – where Palestinian Bedouin communities are being expelled from their homes and herded into townships against their wishes. It is a continuing injustice that Palestinians living in exile – often in refugee camps – are continually denied their recognised right to return to areas from which they have fled or were forced to leave.


It is time for the UK Government to act to end these injustices.”

notes for the editor
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