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Little Amal, the giant puppet of a refugee child that has become a global symbol of human rights, joins Seventh National March for Palestine in London on Saturday 13th January

  • Amal will be accompanied by a group of Palestinian children to draw attention to the catastrophic effects of Israel’s bombardment on children in Gaza
  • Amal is internationally known and loved – since 2021, she has travelled to 15 countries and been seen by two million people on the streets 

As Israel faces proceedings for genocide at the International Court of Justice, millions of people around the world will be showing their solidarity for Palestinians in a Global Day of Action on Saturday January 13th that involves 30 countries on 6 continents. In London hundreds of thousands of people are expected to demonstrate and they will be joined by a very special guest.

Little Amal is a global symbol of human rights and the rights of children in particular. The name Amal means “hope” in Arabic. She represents a nine-year-old Syrian refugee girl who travels alone across Europe to find her mother. She was created in 2021 for a project in which she walked between the Syrian-Turkey border and the UK to draw attention to the experience of refugees. Since then she has travelled the world and met millions of people.

On Saturday Amal will bring hope as she walks with demonstrators calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, the lifting of Israel’s siege and immediate humanitarian relief. Israel’s bombardment of the Gaza Strip has claimed the lives of more than 23 000 Palestinians, including more than 10 000 children. Thousands more are missing, presumed dead. More than 85% of the population of Gaza have been displaced, more than 60% of buildings damaged or destroyed. The UN has warned 1 in 4 people in Gaza are starving as Israel refuses to allow in adequate supplies and destroys food infrastructure.

Amir Nizar Zuabi, Artistic Director of The Walk Productions and a Palestinian, said :

“Amal has become a symbol of the vulnerability and resilience of the millions of people that met her or followed her journey. On Saturday Amal walks for those most vulnerable and for their bravery and resilience. Amal is a child and a refugee and today in Gaza childhood is under attack, with an unfathomable number of children killed. Childhood itself is being targeted. That’s why we walk.”

Ben Jamal, PSC Director, said :

“Israel has tried to ensure that Palestinians feel nothing but despair as they conduct a genocide in Gaza. But the world stands in solidarity with Palestinians and millions of people will protest this weekend in cities around the world. Amal means hope in Arabic, and her presence in London on the March for Palestine, as part of a Global Day of Action, gives us not just hope but determination to continue our campaign not only to end Israel’s current bombardment of the Gaza Strip, but to end the decades of military occupation and the system of apartheid under which Palestinians have lived for over 75 years.”