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  • Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) and partners call emergency protest against Israel’s brutal and indiscriminate attack on Jenin refugee camp
  • Hundreds expected to protest outside Israeli embassy in London
  • MPs and trade union representatives to speak and call for an end to Israel’s system of militarised apartheid

The Palestinian people are once again under attack. Israel has launched a brutal assault on Jenin, the most serious military incursion in the West Bank for two decades, killing to date 12 Palestinians, seriously injuring hundreds, bulldozing whole streets and cutting off electricity, the internet and access to emergency health services. This assault comes in the context of a ramping up of militarised oppression by the most far-right, ultra-nationalist Government in Israel’s history. It is accelerating an expansionist annexation plan, announcing thousands of new illegal settlements on a regular basis, continuing with policies of home destruction and ethnic cleansing in East Jerusalem and across the West Bank.

In response an emergency protest will take place outside the Israeli embassy at 6pm on Wednesday 5th July.

Speakers will include Jeremy Corbyn MP, Tommy Sheppard MP, Louise Atkinson President National Education Union, Alex Gordon President RMT Union.

Ben Jamal, PSC Director who will be speaking at the protest, said: “Hundreds will gather on the streets of London tonight to demand that Israel to end its militarised enforcement of apartheid on Palestinians, to call on the UK Government to end its complicit support with this system of oppression and to remind the Palestinian people that they are not alone and that people of conscience in the UK stand with them in their struggle for liberation”.