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2014 was a terrible year for Palestinians. We all saw scenes of horror in Gaza, but we also witnessed the courage and resilience of 1.8 million Palestinians living in Gaza.

Despite the developing nightmare for Palestinians, the British government refused to act, and following the collapse of the Kerry process, has been more supine than ever.

As the year comes to an end, the horrific situation facing Palestinians continues to unfold: whether living under an increasingly brutal military occupation inside Jerusalem and the West Bank; for Palestinian citizens of Israel who are facing extraordinary levels
of racism; for those inside Gaza, many who are braving floods, freezing cold and homelessness under an intensifying siege; or as refugees, many displaced yet again this year.

But in 2014, there was also a seismic shift in solidarity with Palestine – driven by horror at the unfolding massacre in Gaza, and rooted in the solidarity activism that PSC, its members and branches have carried out for many years. Israel’s wholesale killing of civilians in Gaza appalled and shocked people. Atrocities such as the shelling of boys playing football on the beach, or the destruction of clearly identified UN shelters, killing those taking refuge, have become seared into hearts and minds.

Both in the UK and internationally – not least with the Palestinians – PSC has further established its credibility, that brings with it a responsibility to be even more effective, and to organise the growing support for Palestine. This report covers just a small proportion of the solidarity work carried out by PSC over the last year.

Solidarity with Palestine has grown to incredible levels – but we cannot forget that this is a result of the suffering and resistance of the Palestinians.

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Hugh Lanning