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Palestine Solidarity Campaign has written to six main party leaders – including the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition – calling for them to support Palestinian human rights and defend the right to support boycott, divestment and sanctions.

The letters call for them to support sanctions against Israel to persuade Israel “to peacefully to fall into line with international law.”

The letters explain that it is wrong for politicians to try and block campaigning  to support the human rights of Palestinians and to bring Israel into line with international legal framework.

The letters set out:

It is not racist to criticise a government if it is in breach of international law, and Israel is. In occupied Palestine, Israel is colonising Palestinian land, trampling on human rights and discriminating against the Palestinian people, in law and deed, on a daily basis.”

The Party Leaders are asked to assure supporters there will be no attempt to limit our freedom to speak out against Israel’s crimes.

The letter to the Prime Minister specifically calls on him to:

  • Take some practical steps to stop the illegal colonisation of Palestinian land. Don’t just discourage trade with settlements (already a minor sanction), but sever business and economic ties with settlements completely.
  • Not to attack the people who want to bring Israel into line with international law. You should be supporting their right as citizens and consumers to exercise what influence they have.
  • Not to try to shackle public bodies and pension funds who want to make sure that their procurements and investments reflect the values and the interests of their members.

The letter to Jeremy Corbyn MP warns that

To confuse antisemitism with criticism of Israel will weaken the campaign against racism.”

PSC will continue to campaign vigorously for peace and justice for Palestinians in the UK, Europe and internationally on a cross-party basis.