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Palestine Solidarity Campaign is asking candidates to respond to the following:

Do you agree with the following statements:

  1. I urge the UK Government to uphold the principles of equality, human rights and international law in all its relations and dealings with Israel.
  2. I consider the construction of Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian land in the West Bank and East Jerusalem to be illegal and unjustifiable.
    Yes/noIn achieving these principles, what are your views on the following steps that a future UK Government could take:
  3. Do you agree that one of the first acts of the next UK Government should be the recognition of Palestine?
    Yes/no/don’t know
  4. Do you agree that the blockade on Gaza should be lifted immediately?
    Yes/no/don’t know
  5. Do you agree that we should stop trade with Israel’s settlements on Palestinian land, and stop settlement goods being sold in Britain?
    Yes/no/don’t know
  6. Do you agree that the EU Israel Association Agreement should be suspended until Israel meets its human rights obligations?
    Yes/no/don’t know
  7. Do you agree that the government should stop supplying arms to Israel until it complies with international law?
    Yes/no/don’t know

If you have answered don’t know to any question, have you got any additional comments?

[These questions are being asked of candidates of all major democratic parties. The answers will be collated and published on the Palestine Solidarity Campaign  website.]

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