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Alstom is a French transportation conglomerate. It was included on the United Nations OHCHR’s list of business enterprises active in Israel’s illegal settlements, based on stolen Palestinian land. WhoProfits report that Alstom is involved in the construction and operation of the Jerusalem Light Rail project, directly as well as through its fully owned subsidiary, Citadis …

Nice Ltd

NICE Ltd is a global software and artificial intelligence company. It was formed by members of Unit 8200 which is the largest unit in the Israel Defense Forces, comprising several thousand soldiers. Unit 8200 is Israel’s cyber spy unit, tasked with spying on Palestinians living under Israeli apartheid. NICE Ltd’s clients have included Israeli arms …

Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation own Avnet cyber security firm. Avnet boasts of “harnessing the unique skillsets of former IDF intelligence officers and OSCE/OSCP/CISSP-certified hackers, each Avnet ops team benefits from peerless experience and specialist expertise.” Its clients include Elbit Systems, one of Israel’s largest private arms manufacturers, as well as Bank Leumi and Bank Hapoalim, both included …


Motorola is a US communications and telecommunication equipment provider.  Motorola’s equipment is installed in illegal settlements and on the apartheid wall in the occupied West Bank. It is used by the Israeli military, police, and prison service. It is listed on the UN OHCHR’s list of business enterprises active in Israel’s illegal settlements on stolen …


Expedia is an American online travel shopping company. It appeared on the UN OHCHR’s list of companies active in illegal Israeli settlements, based on stolen Palestinian land, due to listing properties in illegal settlements.


Cemex is a holding company primarily engaged in the production of cement and other construction materials. According to research group WhoProfits “The company owns the Israeli Readymix Industries, which has plants in the occupied West Bank and has provided concrete elements for construction of infrastructure in the occupied West Bank.”

Azrieli Group Ltd

As reported by research group DanWatch “Azrieli Group is an Israeli real estate and holding company that is the sole owner of a number of the largest real estate projects in Israel as well as 15 large shopping malls. Azrieli Group owns 4.6 percent of Leumi Bank (see profile) as well as 100 percent of …

Harel Insurance Investments & Finance

Harel Insurance is part of the CityPass group that operates the Jerusalem Light Railway. The Jerusalem Light Railway connects illegal Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem with West Jerusalem. It entrenches Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land.

First International Bank

First International Bank is a major Israeli commercial bank. It is deeply involved in facilitating the construction and expansion of illegal Israeli settlements, built on stolen Palestinian land, as reported by Investigate, a project by the American Friends Service Committee.

Amot Investments Ltd

It is an Israeli real estate investment firm. As reported by Investigate, it owns an industrial building in an illegal settlement industrial zone in the occupied West Bank.