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Jeremy Corbyn MP has asked lawyer and rights campaigner, Shami Chakrabarti, to lead an inquiry into antisemitism and other forms of racism including Islamophobia in the Labour Party. As an organisation dedicated to campaigning for the rights of Palestinians and opposing racism, oppression and discrimination PSC has given evidence to this inquiry. You can read our evidence here>

We’ve called on the Labour Party to avoid confusing support for Palestinian rights with antisemitism. This is both untrue and dangerous – we must all be able to support human rights for Palestinians without being branded as racist. Read our response>

PSC’s recommendations to the inquiry are:

  1. If the inquiry finds it necessary to define antisemitism, to adopt the approach that antisemitism is hatred of or discrimination against Jewish people on the basis of their religion or identity;
  2. Neither treat criticism of the Israeli Government’s policies and actions nor criticism of Zionism – a political ideology – as antisemitic;
  3. Ensure that charges of racism (including antisemitism and Islamophobia) and discrimination are judged by objective criteria whilst taking into account the perceptions of the victim;
  4. Oppose the attempts to portray the Palestinian call for boycott, divestment and sanctions as fuelling antisemitism.

If you’d like to respond the inquiry you can do so until Friday 10 June.
Respond here>

Shami Chakrabarti photo credit @Southbank Centre